Proper Freon Levels

Since the old freon levels are being phased out, many AC guys are not charging the newer version of freon correctly. Are you charged correctly? Most still refill the freon based off pressure, when really on newer units it needs to be refilled based off the subcool temperature. One of my last clients was supposed [...]

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Air Conditioning Texas

Maintenance Of Your Air Conditioning System This week we visited multiple clients for AC repairs that could have been prevented by just getting your AC system tuned up once a year by a professional as well as general monthly tasks. We offer a maintenance agreement that signs you up for One AC checkup, usually done [...]

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19 point Heating System Check Up

Our 19 point heating system checkup inspects the following items: 1. Check the pilot assembly 2. Check the heater exchanger (where accessible) 3. Adjust air and gas mixture 4. Check pressure on gas valve 5. Set blower controls 6. Set the gas limit 7. Check the blower 8. Check the thermostat 9. Check all safety [...]

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19 point Air Conditioner Check Up List

Our 19 point AC unit inspection checks the following items: 1. Check and adjust the blower 2. Check the unit for proper refrigerant charge. 3. Check the voltage and amperage on the motors. 4. Check the refrigerant lines for leaks. 5. Check for proper temperature drop. 6. Lubricate all the moving parts on the limit. [...]

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Spring High School Incident

As you may already be aware, there has been a tragedy at Spring High School which resulted in the death of one teen. Our deepest condolences go out to those effected by this unnecessary event.

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Happy Labor Day!

I hope everybody has a fun and safe labor day weekend! You know what doesn't take a break from work? Your AC! Get your check-ups now.

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