Could you imagine the feeling of turning on your air conditioning unit the first scorching day of summer, only to realize that it doesn’t work? While the weather outside for the past few months has been nice enough to leave the unit off, the unit has sat collecting debris, and you don’t know what might happen when it’s time to turn the unit back on again.

The months leading up to summer time are the months in which you should be checking up on your air conditioning system. This could be anywhere from the do-it-yourself at home check up services, such as cleaning or replacing your air filters or cleaning your outside condensers, to having an HVAC technician come out to look at the system and see what maintenance might need to be done in order to prevent any issues during the midst of summer.

One idea that might be beneficial in helping prepare your home for the upcoming summer months is to have a 19 Point Cooling Maintenance conducted. In this case, an HVAC technician will perform procedures such as checking and adjusting the blower on your unit, checking the refrigerant lines for leaks, calibrating the thermostat, checking for algae growth on your drain pan, checking the condenser and evaporator coils, and measuring super heat.

The procedures listed, however, are just a few of the things that the HVAC technician will do in order to prepare your air conditioning unit for summer time. However, as you can see, these are tasks that you more than likely would not be able to perform on your own. This is an encouragement to everyone, especially those living in areas with hotter summers, to contact a local air conditioning company to have some sort of air conditioning check performed on your home.

If you live in Texas, you know that summer arrives in the blink of an eye, and with that being said, the time to prepare your air conditioning unit is now. If you live in areas serviced by Sevier Climate Control, we would love to perform these tasks for you, and if you do sign for a residential service agreement with our company, you could receive special benefits such as privileged pricing, a waived service charge when work is performed during regular business hours, (1) 19 Point Air Conditioning Maintenance Inspection for this year, and (1) 19 Point Heat Safety Inspection (along with other benefits). The first day of summer may officially be June 21st, but the heat of summer could arrive tomorrow. Is your unit ready for another Texas summer?