In recognition of Mother’s Day this past Sunday, Sevier Climate Control has put together a few ideas of what our company believes being a mom means. Some of our crew members have been asked the question, “What do you think being a mom means?” Their responses vary, but all hold true to the same conclusion – hard work, dedication, and a whole lot of love.

When asking our accountant, Shirley, as a mother herself, her response was, “Being a mom means that you have to be on constant watch. You have to watch over your children, try to make sure that they don’t get hurt, and when they are hurt, you have to do your best to be there for them.” However, Shirley also believes that being a mom requires discipline. “You also have to teach them right from wrong. If I could shield them and put them into a bubble, I would. But because I can’t, they have to know the difference.” Shirley added, “Now that I am raising adults, my main job is just to be there for them.”

Our marketing intern, Sabrina, has her own ideas on motherhood. “I’m not a mom yet, but when that day comes, I’ve learned from the best that being a mom means a 24-7 full time job where the pay varies between the pride of your child’s success, the goodnight kisses after a long day’s work, and even sometimes finding little boogies tucked away, smeared behind the couch from the children you love.”

“Being a mom means always being there,” said our tech, Matt. In his words, “My mom would do anything for me to this day – even if that meant doing my laundry. If I need something, she’d be willing to do it at any cost.”

So there you have it moms… Your job is just as important, recognized, and honored the other 364 days of the year. If you weren’t around to clean our little (or ginormous) messes, make sure we keep it together when it feels like the world is falling apart, or show us a representative of what unconditional love looks like, we really wouldn’t be where we are – much less even alive today! Thank you moms, for all that you do, today and every day.