As some of you may have noticed from social media postings, Sevier Climate Control has been taking the opportunity to show appreciation to those who represent our company well. We have been partaking in our own version of “employee of the week” by rewarding our technicians (and installers) for the hard work they perform on the field. Each week Mr. Sevier’s family puts together some fashion of gift baskets, and these gifts range from shaving kits, to concert tickets, to barbecue or tool sets. On Friday morning meetings, the technician of the week is named, the reward is presented to them, and pictures are taken.

At the end of the day, however, these gifts are just gifts, and when our technicians are spending their summer season in the hot attics of customers, working towards a guaranteed comfort for their families, this only amounts to a small token of our appreciation for what they do. Finding men who are willing to put forth the hard work it takes to be an air conditioning technician isn’t always easy. Can you imagine spending up to 14 hour days in people’s homes and attics, probably the hottest part of their houses, trying to investigate what the problem could be that causes them to go without their basic air conditioning needs? Talk about the need for appreciation! And I won’t even get started on the work that the installers have to do, but let’s just say that all of these men are looking forward to one hot summer!

But air conditioning technicians aren’t the only ones who need appreciation. In Sevier Climate Control’s office building alone there are dispatchers who deal with the high pressure of setting up appointments and keeping communication with customers throughout the entire repair process, accountants who balance checkbooks and file taxes and keep tabs on money management, and interns that are learning and growing from training in all elements of the office, from dispatching calls to telemarketing, hoping to use what they learn to make a living somewhere in the world someday.

Yet, the need for appreciation extends far beyond the walls of Sevier Climate Control. Waiters, auto-mechanics, teachers, doctors, veterans… Any job or position within a company or work force requires work to be put in. This work shouldn’t go unrecognized or under appreciated, by any means. Whether managers or bosses present rewards to those who do outstanding work within their company, or the big tip of the night is the true reminder of how appreciated someone’s work is, as you go about your day, it is key to remember that appreciation goes a long way, and you never know what sacrifices people may be making to ensure that you receive great service. Don’t forget to say thank you, leave a good tip, and show a little appreciation everywhere you go!

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