A Texas summer happens to be the area of expertise for those of us at Sevier Climate Control, and due to the rising temperatures coming up during the mid-summer season, we wanted to help offer some tips and tricks in helping you get through the heat!

1. First and foremost, it is always important to stay hydrated, year round. Statistics show that dehydration is a huge factor that plays into heat strokes, or any sickness brought on by the heat. With that being said, a water bottle is a necessary item to be brought during your upcoming trip to the beach!

2. Another important thing to remember during the upcoming summer months is that in the case that your air conditioner does stop working, you may have to wait for an air conditioning technician to come in and do the repairs necessary to fix your unit. Having a fan handy helps get you through the time period that you would be waiting for your scheduled appointment!

3. Although this may not completely relate to the heat factor played into the Texas sunshine, never underestimate the importance of sunblock! Wherever you may be going during your summer vacation, prepare yourself with all the necessities, and if you know that you run the chance of catching some sun, bringing sunblock might not be a bad idea.

4. Having healthy eating habits will also prepare you in tolerating the summer heat, as well as any other outside circumstances that impose a danger of sickness or exhaustion. Make sure you’re eating your veggies! And everything else, also.

5. If you have made it throughout the first portion of this summer without having any air conditioning problems, that does not mean that there will not be any problems with your unit in the future. An air conditioning check up will allow you to do any necessary reparations to your unit before problems arise and you are left in the heat. If you are signed up with an air conditioning company through a maintenance service agreement, you should receive an air conditioning check up within that arrangement- otherwise, feel free to give us a call for a 19 point air conditioning check! We would love to help you!

There are many ways to beat the summer heat, whether these simple tricks help keep you cool, or a trip to Splashtown for the day is overdue, there’s no denying that Texas is hot, and our goal is for you to make it through the summer with comfort and ease! If you have any tips to add to our list, please post to our Facebook page at Facebook.com/SevierClimateControl!