In light of the summer vacations taking place throughout the months of July and August, Sevier Climate Control had an important message for those who are in limbo while debating whether or not to plan a vacation this summer… The honest truth is that vacations are nearly necessary for your well being!

While this may come across as an exaggeration, there are facts to back up that statement. Taking a vacation does several things for your¬†benefit, even in the workplace, as studies prove that having an annual vacation increases productivity and employee morale. Having that time off of work also relieves stress and increases the happiness within an individual’s personal life, and spending that time potentially with friends, family, or your spouse builds stronger relationships outside of work.

Even outside of work or personal life, there are health benefits to taking a vacation for yourself. Imagine the amount of strain on your blood pressure during the days you are bombarded with a heavy work load, or even the physical health risks depending on what field of work you partake in. Having that period of time to let your bones rest and your mind unravel will lead to a longer, healthier life.

So our advice? Take that vacation! You deserve some time off for yourself, and if you were looking for some affirmation, this is it! Go explore those mountains, float that river, check out that beach, whatever it is- life is short, and your health depends on it!