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Surge Protectors for HVAC Systems

supco surge

The surge protector, when installed on the furnace, can protect the circuit board and motor as well as 24 volt components. When installed on the outdoor unit it will protect the compressor and motor.

  • Installed on Air Conditioning compressors, heat pump compressors, refrigeration compressors, pumps, motors, electro-mechanical devices.
  • Waterproof Housing
  • LED indicator Lights

How do I know if I need a surge protector?

Today’s HVAC technology provides efficient use through the use of constant torque ecm motors or variable speed motors. These motors, while more efficient, have less tolerance of voltage changes than older style motors. Changes in voltage (brown out, power surge) can damage the units ecm modules and hardware.

The condition of the power grid varies from area to area, and while damage is rare it can still occur. The surge protector will suppress the inconsistent voltage by sending it to ground which protects the motor, circuits, circuit board and compressor.

Media Filters for HVAC Systems


Call us for a free estimate on your Fresh Air System, Media Air Cleaner and UV-Aire system.

A media filter is a 4 to 5 inch thick pleated “media” style filter. It mounts in a case behind the heating and AC unit in the return air duct.

It will filter out 99.96% of allergens such as pollen, pet dander and dust mist. This is 15x more effective than your traditional 1 inch throw away filters because the media filter is thicker and has a much greater surface area to catch the allergens.

A media filter can be replaced quarterly, annually or bi-annually depending on the traffic in your home.

Accucleans Air Filtration System


An Accuclean air system is a complete air filtration system for your entire home. This will take the place of all other filters in your home. This system is 99.98% effective in removing allergens down to .1 micron of air.

The Accuclean system is simply put, the most effective air filtration system on the market and is favored among professionals due to the fact that it does not create an ozone in the home unlike other similar systems.

The system is 100% serviceable with cleanable air filters and a reusable collection cell. The home owner can easily vacuum the unit off every 6-9 months or as often as desired.
in and out in a day for install.

Thermostats for your HVAC System


There are three different types of thermostats and we can install them all. All of these thermostats have solid state circuitry which are most effective at controlling the temperate of the home compared to non-digital models.

1 – Digital non-programmable. A simple thermostat that has basic controls and a digital display.

2 – Digital Programmable. With this type of thermostat you can schedule the thermostat to turn off, turn on or adjust temperature at different times of the day or week. The most common schedule is having the AC turn up when the home owner leaves for work and then cool back off before they return, greatly reducing your electricity bill.

3 – Digital Programmable WiFi enabled. This has all the bells and whistles while also allowing you to connect to it through a WiFi enabled device such as a computer or smart phone. WiFi systems require a home automation service such as Nexia. Read more about home automation from the main menu.

UV Lights Air Purification System


The Healthy Home Duo is a UV lighting system that uses two state-of-the-art technologies that purify the air circulating in your home. The PRO-Cell core is maintenance free and never needs replacing.

The first technology is a high powered, ultraviolet C (UVC) germicidal light that will eliminate airborne invaders such as fungi, mold, viruses and bacteria.

The second technology uses a patented Pro-Cell system, which is an exclusive Photo-Reactive Oxidation process. When the aluminum honeycomb cells are exposed to the UVC germicidal light, the PRO-Cell’s surface area transforms the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odors into orderless and harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor.

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