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  • We can design your air ducts to operate at the optimum level, specifically tailored for your property.
  • We test airflow and balance to ensure that your system is operating correctly, making the necessary adjustments as required.
  • We replace any ducts that are broken or no longer working as they should be.
  • Call us today for Duct Work at (281) 259-2160

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We Fix, Design and Install Duct

Leaking or poorly designed duct work can cause uneven temperatures throughout your home. We find the biggest waste of electricity is easily corrected through more efficient duct designs. Our experienced professionals can inspect, fix and even redesign and install new duct. Call today for a free written estimate. (281) 259-2160

We Fix and Install Duct Work

These guys are great very professional they came into fix my air conditioner diagnosed and then fixed the problem in no time great service a company I would definitely recommend.
Steve Harrison
I think Everyone knows that when Texas decides to get HOT, it doesn’t choose to mess around!!! When our air conditioner broke down, “Sevier Climate Control” was there in no time!!! Thank God, We didn’t have to suffer or too long… Thank You So Much “Sevier Climate Control”, you guys are true “Life Savers”!!!!
Lisa Perkins
Sevier was very professional; did a great job; charged a great price and even educated me on maintenance for my unit.!Products quality…
Kayla Harris
Was staying at my cousins and they had a problem with their heating system this winter. They got to their house quick and it was fixed in record time. Wish the companies where this efficient in VA.
David Turner

Why Hire a Duct Professional?

Our staff have years of extensive training and experience, meaning that during installations or repairs, we can give you the benefit of our knowledge and offer you ventilation tips, insights into making your home more energy efficient, and finding the optimum temperature all year round!

Duct Work Design

If your system is designed properly and tailored to the requirements of your home, you will find the environment in which you and your family live to be more comfortable than ever before.
You will benefit from the peace of mind in knowing the air that you and your family breathe in your home, is clean and safe! The temperature will be consistent throughout the property, reducing hot and cold spots in certain areas, and you will also reduce energy consumption which keeps your bills down and saves you money!

Spring, Tx Duct Work

The quality of air inside your home is just as vital, if not more important, than the quality of air you breathe outside your home.

Installing high quality air ducts in your home will help to maintain a perfectly balanced environment that is always at the right temperature with the highest level of air quality, enabling you and your family to literally ‘breathe easy’.

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