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  • Our Heating System Checkup inspects the vital components of your Gas or Electric Heating System
  • Keep your family and pets warm for the harsh winter months.
  • We can service any make and model of your Heating Unit (Gas or Electric)
  • Call us for heating repair services today at (281) 259-2160.

Sevier Climate Control BBB

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These guys are great very professional they came into fix my air conditioner diagnosed and then fixed the problem in no time great service a company I would definitely recommend.
Steve Harrison
I think Everyone knows that when Texas decides to get HOT, it doesn’t choose to mess around!!! When our air conditioner broke down, “Sevier Climate Control” was there in no time!!! Thank God, We didn’t have to suffer or too long… Thank You So Much “Sevier Climate Control”, you guys are true “Life Savers”!!!!
Lisa Perkins
Sevier was very professional; did a great job; charged a great price and even educated me on maintenance for my unit.!Products quality…
Kayla Harris
Was staying at my cousins and they had a problem with their heating system this winter. They got to their house quick and it was fixed in record time. Wish the companies where this efficient in VA.
David Turner

Why Hire a Heater Professional?

Do-it-yourself repair attempts are nearly always ill-advised when it comes to fixing heaters. These attempts can even become dangerous if you have a gas heater.

Gas heaters are particularly challenging because if you make a mistake, you could inadvertently cause deadly carbon monoxide to leak into your home. Gas heaters require the utmost of caution when repairing. Rather than risk your family’s health and safety, you are encouraged to call a professional and let us help you.

Even electric heaters can be tricky to repair. They use delicate parts that are costly to buy and difficult to install. Even more, if you try to repair your electric heating system on your own, you could miss out on the latest technology that helps you save money. When you call a professional, we can tell you about the latest energy efficient technology and help you save money on your utility bills.

Heating Zone Systems

Professionals today like to tell clients about heat zoning systems. A heat zoning system is comprised of several thermostats that are all wired to one central control system. This technology helps families whose houses are irregularly heated. One room may be cold while another room is stuffy and uncomfortable. If you want your home to be evenly heated throughout the winter, you may consider a heat zoning system.

This invention makes heating your home throughout the winter easy. The thermostats placed throughout your home constantly monitor the temperature in the various rooms of your house. If the temperature is too cold for the set temperature in the central controller, the dampers in that part of the house will open to allow in more heat. If it is too hot, the dampers close so that the temperature is lowered. This technology can be adjusted to warm up or cool down a single room in addition to the whole house. You have more control over your home’s temperature throughout the winter, as well as save money on your utility bills.

Spring, Tx Heating Specialists

As a homeowner, you know the importance of keeping your home’s heating system running as it should. During the cold winter months, you and your family rely on your home’s heater to keep you warm and to keep your house safe and comfortable for your family. When your heater malfunctions or stops working altogether, you may be very tempted to try to make any needed repairs on your own.

However, your attempts to save money and fix your heater by yourself could be a costly mistake. Rather than jeopardize the future usefulness of your heater or even put yourself in a position of having to buy a new heater, you should call a professional heat repair service for help.

Keeping your home and your family safe, warm, and comfortable during the coldest months of the year remains one of your top priorities. Rather than risk damaging or breaking your heater with do-it-yourself repair attempts, you are encouraged to call for our professional services. We can help you save money and stay warm.

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