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  • A home zoning system gives you control over the temperatures in each individual room of your home.
  • Home zoning can drastically reduce your electric bill by only keeping the rooms you use the most at the desired temperature
  • Professional Design & Installation Services. Home Zoning done right.
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How do Home Zoning Systems Work?

Home zoning systems work by installing dampers into the air ducts going to each room that control the air flow that room receives. This allows you to control the temperatures of each individual room which makes living more comfortable and also saves you a great deal of money on your electricity bill.

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How does Home Zoning Systems Work?

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What is Home Zoning?

A home zoning system allows you to control the temperature of multiple rooms or areas of your home independently without the need for separate air conditioning units for each area.

Each zone has its own thermostat that is used to control dampers installed throughout the ducts of your air conditioning system. The thermostats read the temperature in their respective zones, automatically opening and closing dampers as needed to maintain the desired temperature in each zone.

A home zoning system can be used to compensate for temperature variance from room to room. For example, if one part of the house gets a lot of sun exposure while another part of the house receives relatively little sun, home zoning can help you keep a consistent temperature through out the house. Some areas, such as a basement or finished attic, may be naturally warmer or cooler than the rest of the house. By using a home zoning system, you can keep a steady temperature wherever you go in your home without constantly adjusting a central thermostat.

Home Zoning Systems

Home zoning allows you to customize your air conditioning to maximize the comfort of you and your family. If you enjoy one temperature while watching television in your living room while your children enjoy another temperature while playing video games in their bedrooms, each of you can adjust the temperature independently. If you want the temperature lower while cooking in the kitchen while your spouse likes it warmer while reading in the den, that is no problem with a home zoning system. There is no need to constantly negotiate over the thermostat.

A home zoning system is the perfect option for you if you have rooms that serve a specific function. It allows you to keep your library warm while keeping your home gym cool. If you have rooms that are rarely used, such as a storage garage or guest bedroom, you can save energy by allowing those areas to be a little warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter. By not constantly heating and cooling rarely used rooms you can cut back on energy consumption and save money on the power bill.

Spring, Tx Home Zoning

Home Zoning Systems Spring Tx

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